• Recession-Proofing Your Site: 5 Steps to Get More Online Sales

    Offer Valid: 03/19/2023 - 03/22/2025

    The economy is ever-changing, and with a recession looming, businesses are taking proactive steps to protect their profits. For both storefront and online businesses, this may involve updating or changing their website to ensure more traffic and sales. Doing so can help you avoid costly mistakes down the line. Here are five steps from the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce that can help you have a recession-proof business and reap the rewards of success during uncertain economic times.

    Utilize E-Commerce Tools

    Making updates to your website can help ensure more traffic and sales when a recession hits. Consider making good use of new e-commerce tools, such as shopping cart software, payment gateways, and customer support systems. You can also gather email addresses with a call to action for newsletters or promotions. Adding customer testimonials will keep customers coming back for more while also providing additional credibility.

    Focus on Trends

    It’s always important to focus on trends when it comes to your website. During times of economic downturns like recessions, focusing on current trends is even more important as they can provide insight into potential changes in consumer behavior that could impact your business. Keep up with industry news so that you can react quickly if necessary and capitalize on new opportunities before the competition does. Don't forget to do some research on your competitors over time to find out what's working for them--and what's not.

    Learn Coding Skills to Address Broken Pages

    Having broken pages or other errors on your site can be detrimental during a recession, as customers may turn away from it altogether if there are too many errors. Learning coding skills can help address these problems quickly so that customers don’t lose interest in your site or products due to technical difficulties. Look online for courses or tutorials that will teach you more about basic coding and IT tactics. Not only will this provide valuable information that will help you run your business, but it will also save you time and money by eliminating the need to hire out the job.


    Protect Your Customers With PDF Tools

    Adding PDFs to your website is another great way to protect both your business and customers during a recession or other uncertain times. They add an extra layer of protection against fraud while also keeping sensitive customer information secure from hackers or other malicious attacks. They also provide an easy way for customers to access product information without having to search through long web pages, which increases efficiency overall. Consider trying a PDF form filler when you need customers to fill out and sign documents.

    Take Online Courses On Data Analytics

    Data analytics is key when running any business, especially during economic downturns like recessions where every penny counts. Thankfully there are several free online courses available now that teach everything from basic data analysis concepts to advanced techniques used by big names companies. The right tools will teach you more about your audience, such as where they live, how old they are, and even how long they typically stay on your website when they visit. This information will give you insight into which areas of your site need the most attention.


    Taking proactive measures now will help prepare your business for any dips in consumer spending due to a recession. Take a look at your site and evaluate every inch of it, from the home page to its accessibility. Try to look at it from the point of view of a customer; do the pages load quickly? Does the site look professional and secure? Don't forget that by using tools such as a PDF form filler, you can ensure security for your most sensitive documents, which helps to build trust with customers; this is especially important during a time when everyone is being more careful with where they shop.

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